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this shit is heaven on earth

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play it just do it



This is the most important body posture int he whole goddamn world

It’s like hello bitches how yall doin’

It’s like I am good at my shit and I know it

It’s like I am about to blow all your minds just watch me

It’s like I am powerful as a brand and as a business woman and as a lady

It’s like You guys not gonna stop screaming and fainting huh?

It’s like shut up now I need to get this concert over with

It’s like I am a bad bitch. I am a queen. I am Beyonce Carter.

It’s like Alriight are ya” ready? “GIMME SOMETHING!” *beat drops*

reblogging again cuz this is important

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Beyoncé through the albums

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inspired by x

Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor.